This 169 page strategic planning handbook for Christian leaders, pastors and church boards training and/or study, and for organizations and vision casting.     

This book is written by Drs. Marc and Marceil Royer.  Dr. Marc Royer has spent 35 years in senior church pastor leadership.  Dr. Marceil Royer has served in a variety of Christian education and Public Education leadership.  Their expertise combined to create these concepts to help church board, school board, and other ministry boards and leadership to improve effectiveness as an organization.    

What people are saying...

"This study really helps me to say the things to board members that have needed to be said. I could never do it, but working together through
the book has been the tool we need."

"Your book gave us a better perspective for working together."

"This has helped us as a staff and leadership to look at our assets as an organization and to maximize those."

"This really helped us determine to focus people on Christ and to agree together on that mission."


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