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"Problem Solving Prayer"

This book, written by Dr. Marc and Marceil Royer, was designed to help people to develop an intentional and daily prayer focus in order to help develop a dynamic prayer life.

"Everyone feels guilty about his or her prayer life,” says Dr. Marc Royer. "What we need are tools to succeed in prayer; not excuses.” Combining his years of helping people to live a developing spiritual life, along with Dr. Marceil Royer's years of guiding people to develop problem solving skills, comes an important new book.

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 What people are saying...

"I like that there are ideas to utilize technology to help with prayer. I would always start journals, but always fail. This is working."

"I like how Dr. Marc took each phrase of the Lord's Prayer and went back to the original languages to help me understand what the prayer means."

"This was an easy study and an easy read for me to understand."

"It was overwhelming to me to think that Christ had heard millions upon
millions of prayers and then sat down to teach us what really should be
our prayer. This is what God wants to hear from us!"